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Serving Kent and Medway towns.

What we do.

We have been helping clients to organise their Estate Planning affairs for over 20 year.

We have the expertise to provide you with the right information that suits your particular needs and circumstances.

If you are not sure what estate planning services are available to you you should to seek professional advice.
Do not risk guessing or hear say advice.

You could save thousands of pounds and help to ensure that you have the best advice needed to protect your family and your hard earned assets.

Essential Estate Planning Services.


Learn about how our Wills, Trusts and estate planning packages help you to protect your family and loved ones.

Lasting Powers Of Attorney

Legal power that allows you to assign a trusted person to manage your personal affairs If you are unable to.

Property Trusts

Protect your property for your spouse and children. Find out more about the power of Property Trusts.

Don't Delay Any Longer.

Most people know that they should be make a Will, but some never get around to it for a variety of reasons including cost, time, complexity or not being aware of the massive problems not having a Will can cause.
Writing a new will voids any previous Will you may have written, so you can change how your assets are allocated among your family.
We can make writing your Will easy and cost-efficient for you.
We provide these services at a lower cost that most solicitors.

It's about looking after your family.

It’s about your children being brought up by people you know and trust, about marriage and divorce and re-marriage; about insolvency, physical and mental incapacity, planning for care home fees, funeral plans, inheritance tax, business property relief and powers of attorney.
It’s about trusts and about being able to exercise some control over your estate BOTH before and after your death.
Wills are essential; dying without a Will (intestate) can cause hardship and suffering for the ones you love but can enrich people you may neither know nor like.

Call us today for impartial and helpful advice and professional services.