The Benefits of having a Prepaid Funeral Plan.

The main benefit of buying a funeral plan now is that they lock in the cost at today’s prices and you avoid future price rises. Funeral costs have risen very substantially in recent years and these cost rises have been much more that you would have earned in a savings account.

Funeral costs are forecast to continue to rise substantially but by buying a funeral plan now you can avoid all this.

They also make things easier for those left behind both emotionally and financially – and help is just a phone call away when needed. This means no worries for your loved ones re organizing the funeral at a difficult time. Help is on hand immediately.

The money you pay for a prepaid funeral plan is safely held in trust – in case the funeral director goes out of business.

A couple can take out a single plan for the first to die –avoids cash flow problems on first death. No age or medical – guaranteed acceptance. Many people move nearer to their children in old age. Many plans allow a change of funeral director Payment can be by lump sum, by interest free credit up to 10 years.

BE AWARE – insurance based schemes are NOT prepaid funeral plans:

The insurance based plans are usually the ones heavily advertised on daytime TV and they pay a fixed amount on death. But with people living longer the danger is that you may pay more in premiums than the plan can ever pay back. We would recommend you consider a prepaid funeral plan rather than the insurance based schemes.


Maidstone Wills & Trusts holds agencies with a number of funeral plan providers and we can find the provider who can offer the best funeral plan for you at the most attractive price. Call us and we’d be delighted to help you.